Tuesday, September 20, 2005


-By Insight Editorial Collective

Howsoever qualified a Dalit might be his social status always haunts him whenever dikus get an opportunity to make him/her realize this.

A lecturer of the Political Science department of Motilal Nehru College of Delhi University has not been recommended for the senior scale after a thoroughly orchestrated sham of an interview on 5/7/05 in which all sorts of shameful and objectionable points were raised by the Principal. The proceedings of the July 5th meeting were premeditated and suffer from legal infirmities wherein Dr K.K. Panda, a teacher on reemployment was present in a meeting he had no business attending. The presence of Dr K.K. Panda, unauthorized and illegal, vitiated the proceedings.

The minimum eligibility criteria for the senior scale is years of teaching experience and lack of any complaint against a teacher. Dr Narendra Kumar not only fulfills these criteria but is also the author of two books and numerous articles, besides holding a PhD from JNU. This can rarely be said of those who apply for and get the senior scale. In spite of a strong resolution of the College Staff Association and a protest by the Delhi University Teachers’ Association, nothing has been done to undo the wrongful harassment.

The incident only proves the malice that diku academicians hold towards their dalit colleagues. No avenue is missed to place hurdles in the paths of dalit professionals and to constantly remind them that they are not welcome. This is not an isolated incident; as such reports come in from all parts of the country every month.
Insight stands in solidarity with Dr Narendra Kumar.


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